The Levines

Can you imagine what it would be like to lose everything?

Meet Matt, Lisa, Eli, Coby and Nali. Matt and Lisa served in the United States Navy where I met them in San Diego 10 years ago. After completing their tours, they moved on to pursue their dreams with a life in Colorado Springs where they have made a home for themselves and their two beautiful boys Eli (age 5) and Coby (age 4), and of course Nali. As most of you know, a tragically devastating fire has swept it's wrath over more than 12,000 acres of northern Colorado Springs, with The Levines house being one of the 370+ homes destroyed. Luckily they were able to evacuate in time with a small bag of clothing for each of them and a favorite chew toy for Nali. If you have the means, and the heart, please donate anything you can to this family who has been dealt this tragic blow.

Anything you can give would make a world of difference to them.


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